Some of the Detroit automakers have started their endeavor of producing plug-in hybrids to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. With the increasing demand for fuel-efficient cars, automakers are given no wider leeway but to build more hybrids and flex-fuel vehicles.

“Spiteful” fuel legislations, rising gasoline prices, and costly plug-ins production costs are deemed major obstacles in the industry.

Additionally, the researchers factored in a period of time for plug-in sales to ramp up. Chevrolet, Saturn and Toyota are among the automakers experimenting with plug-in hybrids.

The General Motors Corp. is on top of the list of automakers engaged in plug-in hybrids. Saturn might well be the first one to sell a plug-in. Plug-ins do have some big problems to overcome: the added cost, weight and cargo space of the batteries they must house; the limited range of the batteries when charged; and the impact on the power grid from millions of people plugging in their cars, reported MSNBC.

Mike Omotoso, a senior manager at the market research firm J.D. Power and Associates, said that he thinks widespread electricity demand for cars has the potential to be an issue. “We haven’t looked at that sort of extreme scenario in terms of that level of volume for plug-ins, but the increased demand would possibly put a strain on the grid, especially in places like California that are already under strain some times of the year, like in peak summer periods with everyone using their air-conditioning,” he said.

Earlier this year, representatives from about 600 Saturn dealerships converged in Colorado Springs for the annual National Retailer Business Meeting. Under the partnership, Saturn dealerships will be building four environmentally-conscious homes for the Colorado Springs community.

“If a brand does not have a cause marketing relationship or a cause identified as part of its brand, it’s missing the spirit of the brand. The dealers helped in framing four houses. “It was the emotional connection of us and our dealers working together in a team effort,” said Parrottino. The event gave the dealers the perception that Saturn is relating to its consumers. According to Parrottino, Saturn is the greenest brand in General Motors. “(The event gave) us a chance to explore the green side of our brand. Saturn is the greenest brand in General Motors,” Parrottino said.

The event worked out beautifully.