FuelVapor Ale

Isn’t it beautiful?

Canadian manufacturer FuelVapor has developed an ultra-low emissions vehicle that sprints to 62mph in five seconds and returns 92mpg.

Brad Zimmerman, head tech of the company, said: “I drove it hard for four solid hours, throwing it into corners, accelerating and braking hard. The car’s performance is spectacular.

The car easily attains the level of ultra low emissions with a 30% reduction in CO2. I doubt if it will be able to break the 100 mpg barrier. Anyway, the FuelVapor Alé will be produced in limited run and is expected to be on sale in 2008.

The main highlight if this model are the fuel vapor system and the light weight aerodynamic body, according to FuelVapor Technologies. The ale’s 1500 cc engine can run on “fuel vapor” instead of liquid fuel. As a result, the FuelVapor ale provides super low exhaust emissions with 30% reduced in C02, and offers excellent fuel economy.