Bernie Ecclestone

Formula One’s Bernie Ecclestone has made his position clear in the spying scandal even before the emergency World Motor Sport Council started. He said that the ‘nonsense’ issue is taking the attention away from the tracks. Following the FIA’s decision not to penalize McLaren for possessing Ferrari documents, and Ferrari’s warning of pressing charges against McLaren, Ecclestone has been reported to have urged the Italian Formula One team to stop the nonsense and do not appeal.

But Ecclestone also pointed out that Ferrari has the right to do what they think is right. “If Ferrari think the wrong decision has been made they have every right to appeal and I think they will,” he said.

It can be remembered that the FIA found McLaren guilty of possessing Ferrari documents which were allegedly passed on to McLaren’s now suspended chief designer Mike Coughlan by former Ferrari senior engineer Nigel Stepney. McLaren, on the other hand, maintains that only Coughlan has knowledge of the documents.

Ferrari’s team Principal Jean Todt is obviously furious at this ruling. Allegedly, Stepney sent an email to Coughlan detailing the ‘flexible floor’ plan for the Ferrari cars.

Ferrari announced that they are planning to file charges against Stepney, Coughlan, and McLaren. McLaren’s engine partner though is still supporting the team, German automaker Mercedes-Benz which produces automobiles and auto parts and it also supplies engines to the Formula One team. Mercedes-Benz’ competition chief, Norbert Haug, said: “I’m not worried. We’re cleaner than clean.”