2008 Honda FCX Clarity

Called the FCX Clarity, this fuel efficient and green Honda model comes with zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered fuel cell powertrain based on the new Honda V Flow fuel cell platform. Honda also announced that limited models of the FCX Clarity will roll out in U.S. markets in the summer of next year.

“The FCX Clarity is a shining symbol of the progress we’ve made with fuel cell vehicles and of our belief in the promise of this technology. Step by step, with continuous effort, commitment and focus, we are working to overcome obstacles to the mass-market potential of zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell automobiles.” said Tetsuo Iwamura, American Honda president and CEO.

The hydrogen powertrain components of the new Honda FCX Clarity include a new V Flow platform package. This also includes an ultra-compact lightweight and powerful Honda V Flow fuel cell stack that is 65 percent smaller than the previous Honda FC stack. The new fuel stack is located at center tunnel of the vehicle between the two front seats. Equipped with hydrogen fuel, the V Flow fuel cell stack can produce a power output of 100 kW, much powerful than the previous FC stack. This new fuel cell stack is also 50 percent more output density by volume and 67 percent output density by mass.

The Honda FCX Clarity also combines this V Flow fuel cell stack with a new compact and efficient lithium ion battery pack. In addition, the powertrain components also include a single hydrogen storage tank. These three components are the main sources that provides power the car’s electric drive motor. The Honda FCX Clarity is also capable of regenerative braking, which allows the lithium ion battery pack to be recharged to supply additional power to the fuel cell. Overall, the fuel cell powertrain of the Honda FCX Clarity offers a bunch of enhancements compared to the previous FCX model. This include 20 percent increase in fuel economy, 30-percent increase in range, 25 percent improvement in power-to-weight ratio, and 45 percent reduction in the size of the fuel cell powertrain.

The Honda FCX Clarity also comes with a sleek exterior styling with 4-door configuration. Inside, the FCX Clarity is equipped with seat upholstery and door linings made from Honda Bio-Fabric. Other highlights of the Honda FCX Clarity include a navigation system with hydrogen station locations, backup camera, premium audio, climate controlled seats, Bluetooth connectivity, shift-by-wire, and electric power steering (EPS). Watch out for this model in 2008.