Japanese automaker Mazda is one of the automakers pursuing growth in the United States and the global auto market. Recently, the automaker held their annual ceremony to celebrate the first shipment of the year. The said ceremony was held at the automaker’s cargo dock located just within the vicinity of its headquarters in Hiroshima.

About 500 people were present at the ceremony. Attendees of the ceremony included Hisakazu Imaki, Mazda’s representative director, president, and Chief Executive Officer. Other senior executives of the company were also present at the event as well as employees. All of them witnessed the loading of Mazda’s first shipment of vehicles which will be unloaded in different countries across the world. Among the vehicles to be shipped around the world is the award winning Mazda2 as well as the Mazda CX-7.

At the ceremony, Hisakazu pointed out that this year, the automaker will be aiming to go forward and attain more growth. He said that “2008 will be the second year of our mid-term Mazda Advancement Plan, and it will be extremely important year for us”.

“The automotive industry’s operating environment is tougher than ever, but we will confidently go forward this year, taking steady steps in our operations toward achieving our goals,” he continued.

Mazda’s CEO pointed out that there are three areas where the automaker will be focusing on in their quest to further their growth. “To do so, we will emphasize three major issues: improving brand value, strengthening our business efficiency, and improving quality throughout the Mazda Group,” said Imaki.

He said that to attain their goal, they will be launching new vehicles this year. “Notably, this year Mazda will launch a number of exhilarating products here in Japan and overseas, including the all-new Mazda6. Leveraging these exciting products to come, we want to see this year made outstanding by a dramatic improvement in Mazda’s brand value,” stressed Imaki.

Dearborn automaker Ford owns a certain share of Mazda and it is quite possible that the American automaker will have a hand in the development of Mazda’s new vehicles. Last year, Mazda announced their Mazda Advanced mid-term plan after Ford had formulated their turnaround plan.

Mazda’s mid-term plan states that the automaker is targeting to sell 1.6 million units of vehicles by fiscal year 2010. To attain that sales goal, the automaker has increased their production output in Japan and also in China.

With one race left in this year’s SCCA Pro Racing SPEED World Challenge Touring Car schedule, Mazda was able to clinch the Manufacturer’s title. The title was the company’s first with the MAZDA6 platform.

Tri-Point Motorsports’ drivers Jeff Altenburg and Randy Pobst were the leading players in Mazda’s title chase. Altenburg finished 10th and kept his lead in the driver’s championship race, while Pobst finished 15th after being punted off the track late in the race, reported JMS Motorsports Marketing.

“Congratulations to Mazda on winning the SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Manufacturer’s Championship! I’m proud of the Tri Point Motorsports Team for their part in winning it after many years of trying so hard. Now we head to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for the finale to settle the Driver’s Championship!” said Altenburg of #72 Tri-Point MAZDA6.

Weather for the 45-minute scheduled Touring Car race was wet but both Tri-Point drivers were happy for the condition. This is because they know that their MAZDA6 have usually been fast in rainy conditions.

“In the rain on the warm up lap at Road Atlanta, I was optimistic. I’m normally really good at such conditions, and my Mazda 6 felt much improved in the rain at Mosport in practice. Well, after a good start, we were hit hard in the second turn of the race by an overzealous competitor. The suspension was bent, but we were able to continue in a wounded condition, which is much better than Mid-Ohio,” noted Pobst of #73 Tri-Point MAZDA6.

“A difficult race became a tragic comedy when a Mazda friend punted me and him into the gravel in the last corner. On to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca! Special thanks to Tri-Point Motorsports, Mazdaspeed, Chase Cam, Stop Tech, Weathertech, APR Tuning, and Team Janica Racing… what an adventure!” added Pobst.

The Tri-Point squad is now heading to the second finale at Raceway Laguna Seca near Monterey, California. It will start on the 19th and will end on the 21st of this month. With the title secure in Mazda’s hand, the fight will be between Altenburg and Pobst.

This season, the momentous racing event is sponsored by Mazda, Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development, Racing Hart, Stop Tech, Sparco, Chase Cam, Crocotile, Quarter Master, Ron Davis Racing, Hawk, Pro Parts USA, and Race Sign Specialists.


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